Everything was perfect with my order. First new cars I ever got with everything exactly like I wanted. My seats even mounted up perfect!
Ty Williams
We switched to Eagle because I know the guy I'm doing business with. I know that the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail will always be there with Eagle Motorsports.
Tony Bruce Jr.
I recently purchased an E05 Chassis. First trip to the track I was very happy as the car felt comfortable and I could drive it anywhere I wanted to go on a slick race track.
Butch David
I have been involved in racing for almost forty years, and have never seen quality like I see with Eagle! I fly airplanes for a living, and have seen craftsmanship at it's finest, but not any better...
Jim Uselton
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A.G. Rains

A.G. Rains

West Memphis, AR
A.G. Rains

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HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
I-30 Speedway - Little Rock, AR
360 Sprints - Winged
A.G. Rains (360 Sprints - Winged)---10th
I-30 Speedway - Little Rock, AR
360 Sprints - Winged: ASCS National
A.G. Rains (360 Sprints - Winged)4th--12th

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Many Eagle Motorsports teams celebrated victories this weekend while honoring influential members of the open wheel community. Tony Bruce Jr. took the...more
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