I have been involved in racing for almost forty years, and have never seen quality like I see with Eagle! I fly airplanes for a living, and have seen craftsmanship at it's finest, but not any better...
Jim Uselton
We switched to Eagle because I know the guy I'm doing business with. I know that the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail will always be there with Eagle Motorsports.
Tony Bruce Jr.
Everything was perfect with my order. First new cars I ever got with everything exactly like I wanted. My seats even mounted up perfect!
Ty Williams
This is our first year of our 15 year old son racing a 305 and we needed to find parts for a little older chassis, EMI went above and beyond in helping us and was so patient with measurements and...
Huish Racing
I recently purchased an E05 Chassis. First trip to the track I was very happy as the car felt comfortable and I could drive it anywhere I wanted to go on a slick race track.
Butch David
We are really happy with how the 2014 Stallard responds to adjustments. After one night of practice my 12 year son driving the car commented overall how much more comfortable the car was to be in and...
Troy Hulsey
Speedway Motors
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  • 855-525-1941
  • Fax 402-438-0394
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Driver Profile

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Quick Facts

  • Nickname:Rock N Roll
  • Racing Since:1998
  • Birthday:6/11/1983
  • Visit Website

Driver Biography:

-2008 Jackson Nationals Champion

-2006 Knoxville Raceway 410 Track Champion

-2-Time Knoxville 360 Nationals Champion (2004 & 2005)

-2005 ASCS Midwest Points Champion

-2005 New Zealand Grand Prix Winner

-2004 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame 410 Rookie of the Year

-2003 Knoxville Raceway 360 Track Champion

-2003 Knoxville Raceway Rookie of the Year

-2003 ASCS National Sedalia Shoot-Out Champion

-2002 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame 360 Rookie of the Year

-2002 Eagle Raceway Track Champion

-2002 Eagle Raceway Rookie of the Year

-1998 Micro Midget National Champion

Date of Birth: 06/11/1983

Married to Aislynne Marie

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Resides: Bennet, NE

I have a son named Harrison and a daughter Cameron and two Labrador Retrievers named Bella and Jake.

I enjoy Hunting and Fishing.

Growing up in Lincoln, NE football has a lot more popularity then auto racing. But there are deep sprint car roots that started in this town. It took me until I was a senior in high school to let go of the football dream. When I tore my ACL in my knee for the third time, sprint car racing became my life instead of football. My father had me racing go-carts at age 12 and then put me in a Micro Midget at age 15. I graduated high school in 2001 and late that summer we had our first sprint car sitting in the garage. The sixth time out to race at a competitive Eagle Raceway we won our first A feature. Since then I have raced at a lot of different race tracks in a lot of different sprint cars. I am currently happily married with two healthy kids. I am very proud to be apart of Ironwood Motorsports and I am eager to see what the future brings! WFO


Driver Highlights:

Driver Schedule

Full Schedule
HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
I-80 Speedway - Greenwood, NE
Spring Meltdown
360 Sprints - Winged: Nebraska 360s
Billy Alley (360 Sprints - Winged)4th--6th
I-80 Speedway - Greenwood, NE
Spring Meltdown
360 Sprints - Winged: Nebraska 360s
305 Sprints - Winged: SSN-Sprint Series Nebraska
Billy Alley (360 Sprints - Winged)2nd--8th
Eagle Raceway - Eagle, NE
305 Sprints - Winged: SSN-Sprint Series Nebraska
410 Sprints - Non-Winged: USAC National Sprint Cars with WAR-Wingless Auto Racing
Billy Alley (410 Sprints - Non-Winged)6th-4th17th
I-80 Speedway - Greenwood, NE
360 Sprints - Winged: Nebraska 360s
Billy Alley (360 Sprints - Winged)1st--4th
Eagle Raceway - Eagle, NE
410 Sprints - Winged: National Sprint League
Billy Alley (410 Sprints - Winged)3rd--22nd
I-80 Speedway - Greenwood, NE
Charlie Clark Memorial
360 Sprints - Winged: Nebraska 360s
Billy Alley (360 Sprints - Winged)1st--9th
I-80 Speedway - Greenwood, NE
Speedy Bill Smith Memorial Race
360 Sprints - Winged: Nebraska 360s

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